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"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue".  We learned about how Christopher Columbus discovered the new world when we were in elementary school but that is about all.  Christopher Columbus was a descendant of a man named Vladimir Nosferatu.  Vladimir was born in 1431.  Chistopher Columbus was a descendant of Vladimir Nosferatu.  Vladimir's family was of the house of "Dracula".  This is their family name.  The people who are born of that family never use the family name of "Dracula".  I don't know why not... This is a family who is from an ancient bloodline that has origins in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Uzbekistan.  Usbekistan is a part of Asia and is near the border of Russia.  They share other family names such as: "Vadim" and "Scafiddi".  Their people intermingled with Europeans of all descent.  They were people who were tenacious opportunists and entrepreneurs.  These people were known for their willingness to do anything for the king as well as their aggressive behavior and foresight.  They found themselves being involved with several royal families throughout Europe and Asia.  They were given commissions to lead expeditions to other countries as well as title as land barons and royal couriers. 

The bloodline of Christopher Columbus is the bloodline of Vladimir Nosferatu.  We will look into the history of Christopher Columbus and learn if he knew that there were indigenous people who were living in North America prior to his "discovery of the new world".  If  Columbus knew that the indigenous people were here prior to his ascent to the "new world"; what was the intention or motive upon his arrival?  Was he planning to survey the land and return the information for future expeditions that would involve a planned genocide of these people?  Would they try to integrate with these people in some way and destroy them from within their social structure?  Did they attempt to do both?

"It is not "Conquer and Divide" - It is "Divide and Conquer"...
 They divide the people and then they take over the land"
Not only did the bloodline of Vladimir Nosferatu affect North America, their history of unrest can be found all over the planet.

We, as a general population have shared a common understanding of how the world was formed.  This is a superficial understanding of reality based on the information and education that we have accepted as being true.  We have relied upon those who we have considered to be experts or professional educators and authorities on the subject.  What if they were not educated people?  What if we trusted these people and they were not actually experts in their field of study? 

Human consciousness is malleable.  It is a vulnerable medium which is susceptible to being influenced and controlled.  This is why it is important to practice a tradition that allows the mind to release obscurity and maintain a focus.  For instance, we believed that time was based on the life before the birth and after the death of a man named "Jesus Christ".  BC is "before Christ" and AD is After the death of Christ.  We just accepted this as a way of structuring our life around a concept known as "time".   It's time to go deeper and learn from a history that can be traced through ancestry and the human DNA. 

We adhered to this concept of structuring time as a human population.  This is a way of thinking that was accepted by most of the people who live on the planet earth.  Indigenous cultures understand other ways of structuring their lives without the concept of time; many of their ancient traditions have been forgotten.

If we look at the evolution of the various cultures across different time lines in history we can find correlations with the bloodlines of Vladimir Nosferatu.  The Romanoffs were the Czars of Russia from 1600 - 1800's.  This family is also related to the house of Dracula. 

Madame Helen Blavatsky was a mystic who was of that bloodline.  She came to the United States and started the Theosophical Society.  Excerpt from Encyclopedia Brittanica:

At the age of 17, Helena Hahn married Nikifor V. Blavatsky, a Russian military officer and provincial vice-governor, but they separated after a few months. She became interested in occultism and spiritualism and for many years traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States; she also claimed to have spent several years in India and Tibet studying under Hindu gurus. In 1873 she went to New York City, where she met and became a close companion of Henry Steel Olcott, and in 1875 they and several other prominent persons founded the Theosophical Society.
In 1877 her first major work, Isis Unveiled, was published. In this book she criticized the science and religion of her day and asserted that mystical experience and doctrine were the means to attain true spiritual insight and authority. Although Isis Unveiled attracted attention, the society dwindled. In 1879 Blavatsky and Olcott went to India; three years later they established the Theosophical Society headquarters at Adyar, near Madras, and began publication of the society’s journal, The Theosophist, which Blavatsky edited from 1879 to 1888. The society soon developed a strong following in India.

Check out the Scio pages entitled: 


These people had affiliations with those of European and Russian decent. The trail of satanic witchcraft was something that was commonplace among royal families. This began as a trend in the early 13th century. It is believed that Genghis Khan had introduced a fascinating occult that was left behind after conquering the eastern part of the globe. It was taught to royal families where ever British "Parliament" was established. It is still something that is being passed down to royal families today.
The word "Nazi" originates from the word "Ashkanazi" .  The translation of this is something to the affect of:  "The ones who chose a different pathway".  These are people who were once jews or Hebrews who were released by Ramses the Second from Egypt.  Many of them decided that they were not interested in returning to the middle east with the rest of the emancipated, chosen ones.  A large majority of the people who headed towards the middle east ended up turning back.  They went home by another way...   This was something that became a type of mantra for these people.  Although they were known for their tenaciousness, they were also despised for their brutality.

James Taylor knows the story because he is a descendant of these people:

The Ashkanazi Jews became known for being the most opportunistic, aggressive merchants and purveyors of the ultimate golden opportunity.  They practically became famous for it.  They were invited to royal families throughout Mesopotamia, Central Europe, Northeastern Europe, Spain, Portugal the Netherlands and Great Britain.  Their bloodlines are intermingled throughout the world.  They became great leaders of sailing expeditions, famous pirates, land barons, mistress of the court, and extended members of various royal families.  This included Asian royal families...

The ancient practice that Helena Blavatsky started of ingesting spoiled meat in order to develop a parasitic bio-cellular mutation has begun.  Scientology has been involved in this practice for decades.  "They Are Creating A Sub-Human Race" - From:  WWW.HIGHTECHKIDNAPPING.BLOGSPOT.COM



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