Tuesday, October 30, 2018


After years of not knowing what transpired with regard to family and friendships I began to look at the "landscape" of where the people I have known looked like and existed.

I met an Asian man at a book lecture.  His name was Kenji.  We became platonic friends.  I had no idea that it was a set up.  But it was.  His family was related to a man named "Hirohito".  I visited Kenji one day while he was living with his family.  Inside their house was something I had never seen.  There were stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines piled in towers from floor to ceiling.  Kenji said, "yeah, my parents collect magazines".  That's not what that was about was it?

It was about something that would seem completely unbelievable unless you knew the full scope of my life's story. 

The experience of being trapped in a situation by people who are involved in a Nazi-Satanist-Scientology organization is beyond anything anyone has ever experienced.  Why is that?

They use mind control, psycho-babble and scalar wave weapons (electronic weapons of MK Ultra poisoning & physical assault).  They use witchcraft which is transmitted through technology.  There are over 100 people who are doing this in "teams".  They told me that they are going to take everything from me.  They think I am an heiress to a huge fortune.  Many of them are transvestites.  Yes, that's right!  Men who dress up as women.  They use this technology to change their appearance.

Getting back to "Kenji" and his family.  They were told that they would have to store magazines that document every year that they are keeping Lindsey Delapoer in a holding pattern.  They have been doing this since the day I was born.  They were present on the day of my birth.  This is documented on video which was obtained from early archives and formatted for computer.

The Hirohito family is associated with WWII Nazi occupied Japan.  I was supposed to be born in a Japanese family.  This is a family that is not in alliance with the Hirohitos in any way.  The Hirohitos carry a vendetta against me from a past life.  They feel that I killed "Taksin".  Taksin was the king of Siam in 1780.  He was overthrown by .... me (in a previous incarnation).  He became an evil dictator and well, one thing lead to the next and he had to be executed for the crimes he had committed.  My name was Chao Phraya Chakri.

So, needless to say this was a huge thorn of contention for the Hirohito family.  When they discovered that I was going to be born again they set out to destroy me.  I was taken from my new born body -in progress.  This has been thought of as a "satanic" ritual but it originated from ancient traditions that are familiar to sorcerer's from Buddhist traditions.  It may not be exclusive to these origins but this is where the Nazi people learned it from.  They learned about this long before the WWII era.

The word "Nazi" originates from the word "Ashkanazi" .  The translation of this is something to the affect of:  "The ones who chose a different pathway".  These are people who were once jews or Hebrews who were released by Ramses the Second from Egypt.  Many of them decided that they were not interested in returning to the middle east with the rest of the emancipated, chosen ones.  A large majority of the people who headed towards the middle east ended up turning back.  They went home by another way...   This was something that became a type of mantra for these people.  Although they were known for their tenaciousness, they were also despised for their brutality.

James Taylor knows the story because he is a descendant of these people:

The Ashkanazi Jews became known for being the most opportunistic, aggressive merchants and purveyors of the ultimate golden opportunity.  They practically became famous for it.  They were invited to royal families throughout Mesopotamia, Central Europe, Northeastern Europe, Spain, Portugal the Netherlands and Great Britain.  Their bloodlines are intermingled throughout the world.  They became great leaders of sailing expeditions, famous pirates, land barons, mistress of the court, and extended members of various royal families.  This included Asian royal families...

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