Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The Human Body is comprised of a multi-dimensional energetic matrix.  It is our blue print to the intelligence that is inherent within us.  The word "Empath" has taken on a particular connotation recently.  Empathy is a natural human response which is generated through compassion.  Could there be a conspiracy against compassion itself?

There is NO MAGIC to it.  It comes with the package! 

The human energetic system is comprised of meridians, marmas and an exquisite chakra system!  This is all you need to know.  This is an incredible mandala in motion!  We are THAT!

An EMPATH is nothing more than a human being who has developed their human senses!  That is all!  As we explore our incredible MANDALA of life in motion... we learn exactly what it means to be a full spectrum human being!

The human energetic spectrum is our gift.  It is an incredible blessing to be here on the planet earth in human form.  We have the opportunity to develop our senses in any way we choose!

Empathy is a natural emotional response to our relationships with people, nature and the world that we live in.

How deeply do we feel about our life?

What is our perspective on life itself?

Are we aware of the feelings or perspectives of other people?

It is important to have a general awareness of our surroundings which include other people.  This is essential information if we have chosen to work around other people or with the public. 

It is true that there are highly sensitive people who may not be able to tolerate certain types of environments or living conditions.  That is not because they are EMPATHS.  This could be due to a variety of reasons WHY. 

Our human nature allows us to be naturally intuitive.  It is a part of a basic survival instinct.  We all have it.  Everyone is intuitive.  If we choose to be more intuitive than there are places we can go and books to learn from in order to develop those gifts!

Being sensitive could be something that originates from all kinds of life experiences. 

Being empathic is a natural response to being a human being.  We all have this ability and it is a gift rather than a hindrance or weakness.  It is not a psychosis.

We are at a crossroads in our human experience where there is an impending division.  There is a large group of people that have been cultivating a variety of social imbalance.  This includes influencing and manipulating human consciousness. 

There is a television series called:  "The Gifted".  This series had a negative underlying current running through it.  They were trying to make gifted or talented people appear to be imbalanced, weak, psychotic, overly emotional and manic depressive. 

This is not the only incident in the film industry where they are attempting to influence or manipulate the public.  They are slowly filtering in a suggestive behavior into a variety of television programs.  One of them is about the funniest home videos.  They are inviting the public to share videos which include people being injured; falling on their back, accidents, etc.  This isn't funny to me.  It's not really funny to see other people being harmed.

There is also a lot of truth to all of the fake news that is being proliferated.  The public has always been susceptible to the idea of believing celebrities and the status quo.  What if the "status quo" was a con?  Didn't we ever think of that?  Who are the celebrities of our time?  They are all a part of the same bloodline as the celebrities from the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's - to present time!  This is the same bloodline of the "Ashkanazi Jews".  If you are not of this bloodline you will not be able to become a performer, a writer, a politician, etc., of any kind.  These were the different Jews.  They didn't want to practice their true religion.  They went home by another way...  Ashka-nazi - "Nazi".

We are moving into a new phase of counter development.  You can think of it in any way that you want but it is happening just the same.  There is a movement to destroy spiritual development and human consciousness.  This includes education, philosophy, reading, music, passion, etc.

Why would anyone want to destroy anything like this?  They are the ones that didn't want to learn.  Our initial response to this might be... why would anyone want to do that?  We respond in this way because this is something that would never occur to people like us.  But... there are people who are incredibly intimidated by the idea of being an intellect of any kind.  They are not willing to accept that there are other people who have an intellectual or spiritual quality that they do not have.  It is something they do not want to cultivate.  They are the ones that couldn't open their heart.  They are the ones who are extremely under developed.  Some of them are people who are frauds of the so called "new age".  This is one of the reasons that they are involved in a type of conspiracy such as this.  They are selling books that came from the writings and minds of other people.  They are the ones who are truly behind a lot of this corruption.

Most people would just blow this whole thing off thinking that it's just idle gossip.  I am one of those people.  I would never interfere with anyone or anything unless it was endangering my life, my community or my family.  Well, guess what?  It is endangering my life, my community and my family.  It is endangering our world. 

The people who are behind this are involved in a Nazi culture that originates from ancient times.  These are the people who "went home by another way".  Why did they go home by another way?  Because they were not enlightened.  They did not put the lamb's blood on their door, they did not open their hearts and evolve. This is a very old schism that created wars upon wars upon wars in the middle east.  It continues to this day through the media, film, music, publications, etc.

Know yourself.  Know your familial history.  Learn about yourself.  Sometimes we need an objective guide or a teacher.  How do you find that out?  Search for someone that you respect as a guide, a mentor or a teacher - not a friend.

If anyone tries to tell you that there is something weird or unhealthy about being an intuitive, a psychic or a sensitive person there is a reason for it.  They are not just talking about this particular subject because they want to help you.  The passive aggressive, negative implications about empaths is new.  The subject of empaths, psychic or intuitive abilities, indigo or sensitive children is NOT new.

The people who are speaking about this on youtube and writing books about it are those who obviously missed out on the so called "new age" movement.  The new age began decades ago. 

It's time to get back down to earth.  The simple things are the very most powerful.  I am biased because I teach the basics.  It's so shockingly basic.  That's what happens when we realize a profound concept.  Why is that?  Because it seemed so simple - prior to our recognition OF IT! 

So, I'm putting the word out there.  The word is:  Be aware NOW.  There is reason to be aware NOW.  There is an organization that exists that feeds on people who are gifted.  They are so resentful about not having any of these qualities that they have ventured into a huge campaign to destroy the people that actually do.  They are petty and clever.  They use "reverse technology" to undermine the public.  It sounds like they are saying something positive - but it feels more like an insult....  Does that make me overly sensitive?  No.  It means that this is a group of assholes out there that are affiliated with Scientology that are intentionally doing something destructive.  They did not grow, they did not teach their children anything about higher consciousness.  They concentrated on a completely different lifestyle for themselves.  Most of these people were souls that were "brought through".  This is a satanic ritual process of bringing through a relative or friend of their demonic bloodline.  They bring through a stagnant, earthbound soul and defy the natural order of divine incarnation.  They are human beings who have a "discarnate soul".

In order for this to make sense, Humanity will have to recognize the fact that:

1.  The human soul exists.
2.  Incarnation of the human soul is divinely ordained.
3.  The incarnated soul is a soul which is of God.
4.  Discarnate souls are earthbound souls that did not ascend or evolve.  They are
     dormant souls that are stagnant "in the casket".
5.  Discarnate souls are NOT OF GOD.  They will be people with a different type of
     character, demeanor and personality.  They do not possess human compassion or natural
     creative talent.  They "imitate" in order to blend in with society.  They are different.
6.  There is a dramatic difference between people who's souls have been "brought through" and
     who's souls were divinely incarnated. 
7.  The people who were "brought through" are natural liars.  They have had to learn how to
     pretend in order to exist in society.

How can you tell the difference between something that is unhealthy vs. something that is good?  USE YOUR HUMAN SENSES OF EMPATHY!  And you will be able to detect and discern. 
This is why people who were "brought through" and are discarnate souls do not like empaths. They do not have this natural human ability..... ~Jazlan Ahn

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


After years of not knowing what transpired with regard to family and friendships I began to look at the "landscape" of where the people I have known looked like and existed.

I met an Asian man at a book lecture.  His name was Kenji.  We became platonic friends.  I had no idea that it was a set up.  But it was.  His family was related to a man named "Hirohito".  I visited Kenji one day while he was living with his family.  Inside their house was something I had never seen.  There were stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines piled in towers from floor to ceiling.  Kenji said, "yeah, my parents collect magazines".  That's not what that was about was it?

It was about something that would seem completely unbelievable unless you knew the full scope of my life's story. 

The experience of being trapped in a situation by people who are involved in a Nazi-Satanist-Scientology organization is beyond anything anyone has ever experienced.  Why is that?

They use mind control, psycho-babble and scalar wave weapons (electronic weapons of MK Ultra poisoning & physical assault).  They use witchcraft which is transmitted through technology.  There are over 100 people who are doing this in "teams".  They told me that they are going to take everything from me.  They think I am an heiress to a huge fortune.  Many of them are transvestites.  Yes, that's right!  Men who dress up as women.  They use this technology to change their appearance.

Getting back to "Kenji" and his family.  They were told that they would have to store magazines that document every year that they are keeping Lindsey Delapoer in a holding pattern.  They have been doing this since the day I was born.  They were present on the day of my birth.  This is documented on video which was obtained from early archives and formatted for computer.

The Hirohito family is associated with WWII Nazi occupied Japan.  I had an incarnation of a "Shogun" warrior from 1828 - 1877.  I was a "Samarai".  Human beings incarnate in alternate genders... one life time we are a boy, the next lifetime we incarnate as a girl.  I was a man in that life.  Somehow it was known that I had previous life times as a "Rimpoche" and high priestess of th "Bonn" tradition.  The soul of an enlightened person is something that is highly sought after.  One of the reasons for this is that even back then... they knew how to tap into the higher intelligence of an enlightened soul and use it to capitalize on.  This is what happened at the end of my life in 1877.  My soul has been bounced around for centuries.  The "Hirohito", "Mao", "Chiang", "Watanabe", "Takahashi", "Kambara", "Lee" and "Wang" family have all been involved.  They have known about the ancient sorcery of "taking souls" and using souls.  They are of the "Dragon" sect.  They know how to manipulate a human soul - even if it is enlightened and ascended.  They have been doing this to me for centuries.

This has been thought of as a "satanic" ritual but it originated from ancient traditions that are familiar to sorcerer's from Buddhist traditions.  It may not be exclusive to these origins but this is where the Nazi people learned it from.  They learned about this long before the WWII era.

The word "Nazi" originates from the word "Ashkanazi" .  The translation of this is something to the affect of:  "The ones who chose a different pathway".  These are people who were once jews or Hebrews who were released by Ramses the Second from Egypt.  Many of them decided that they were not interested in returning to the middle east with the rest of the emancipated, chosen ones.  A large majority of the people who headed towards the middle east ended up turning back.  They went home by another way...   This was something that became a type of mantra for these people.  Although they were known for their tenaciousness, they were also despised for their brutality.

James Taylor knows the story because he is a descendant of these people:

The Ashkanazi Jews became known for being the most opportunistic, aggressive merchants and purveyors of the ultimate golden opportunity.  They practically became famous for it.  They were invited to royal families throughout Mesopotamia, Central Europe, Northeastern Europe, Spain, Portugal the Netherlands and Great Britain.  Their bloodlines are intermingled throughout the world.  They became great leaders of sailing expeditions, famous pirates, land barons, mistress of the court, and extended members of various royal families.  This included Asian royal families...

LEARNING FROM NAZI SATANIC CRISIS - The Satanic Ritual of "Bringing a Soul Through"...

I have been taken hostage by people who have quantum technology.  These people are involved in a satanic organization that has integrated with Scientology and various Nazi and White Supremacist groups.  Not only that... they are also involved with the Greek, Albanian and Italian mobs.  Even though there are white supremacist members of the organization there is another group of people who are present.  They were involved with the "Black Panthers" at one time.  They are people who share an African bloodline with Edie Amin.  They are not called the black KKK... but that is exactly what they are. 

These people practice satanic rituals that originate from African bloodlines which were associated with Voodoo and Hoodoo cult religions from Chad and Uganda, Africa.

One of these rituals involves the "bringing through" of a discarnate soul.  A discarnate soul is a soul that did not ascend or progress after death.  It is a soul that lies dormant in the casket.  It can lie dormant there for centuries. There is a reason why a soul does not progress, evolve or ascend after physical embodiment.  It is due to the fact that the person who once embodied that soul lived a life which was void of any quality of virtue, compassion, integrity of any kind.  This is exactly the kind of soul that this organization is looking for!

"Hey, let's bring through "Uncle Bob"... He was a serious asshole!  And so they do.  There is a process for bringing a discarnate soul through and inserting it into a fetus of a human body.  More information on the development of the human soul is found on my other blog: 

The people who have connected my brain stem to a wi-fi signal and an interface have intentionally opened my ability to hear them.  They wanted me to be able to hear them reticule and verbally harass me.   I have been able to hear much more than they ever intended for me to hear.  I have been listening to them speak about their satanic traditions as well as the violent crimes they have committed.  They speak casually about murdering people and raping children.  I never knew about Satanism or Nazi traditions.  I thought that Nazi's were from the WWII era and a thing of the past.  It would have never occurred to me that satanic witch craft, Scientology and Nazi would ever be something that was affiliated with one another.  It turns out that they are all one of the same.  They are all the same.  Nazi's practice black magic rituals, Scientology is involved in technological witchcraft, MK Ultra mind control and cloning; Satanists have a lifestyle that includes witchcraft, tradition and ritual.  All of this information has been recorded on Scio.  The documentation of this is available in audio recordings, video, pictures and diagnostic charts. 

This is how I learned about the satanic process of "bringing through" a soul.

I will refer to these people as "Nazi".  This is what they truly are. 

Now we can recognize a potential hazard or identify the reason behind so many of the traumatic events and social crisis that has occurred within our society over the years.  This has been going on for over a century!

These people have been involved in these traditions long before technology existed.  The African bloodlines of this group are directly related to their Caucasian, Asian, Germanic, Slavic, Latino, Native American, European Saudi Arabian cousins.  This bloodline integrated with all of the people that we are familiar with in the film, publication, music, political arenas and industries.  They may not look black but it is definitely in their DNA.  This is not a prejudice, it is merely an observation.  The genealogy is fascinating and I am an amateur genealogist.

The potential hazard has already incubated and given birth to a list of horrific historical events.  We can see the evidence of this on Scio.  You will need a Scio program connected to the internet to verify these claims.  For more information go to: .

The "bloodline" of the people who have been "brought through" are thriving.  These are the relatives of famous celebrities.  They are people who started the film industry!  Yes they really are!  This began long ago. 

Alexander Graham Bell was not actually the inventor of the telephone.  He was however, the first one who arrived at the patent office with the scientific proof in hand.  Alexander Graham Bell's family origins came from of an African descent. His family bloodline was associated with the "Beleau" family.  This family was divided into two parts.  The "Bell" family and the "Lewis" family.  He was also related to someone by the name of "Devil Hatfield".  Devil Hatfield was famous for an ancient family feud that originated in Scotland.  It was known as the "Hatfield and MCoy family feud.  These people were actually cousins.  The Hatfield family integrated with people who were of the African bloodline associated with Vladimir Nosferatu.  Vladimir Nosferatu's family emigrated into Slavokia from North Africa and integrated with Caucasian people.

This is a story that is unfolding every day as I wait to be released from this kidnapping.

There is a division that has occurred stemming from the cultivation of discarnate souls which have consistently been "brought through".  This division is what is causing a lot of the havoc which exists in our world.  The people who's souls were "brought through" are unable to spiritually evolve.  They simply cannot.  They cannot evolve higher because of the fact that their birth was forced and manipulated through ritual.  It was not divinely ordained or administered through God.  It was a birth that was not a soul "incarnation".  They were not incarnated.  They are discarnate souls.  They were "brought through".  A soul that has been brought through will not be able to possess talent.  It will not be a soul that enjoys music, it will not have a creative spark, sense of humor, joyful heart or the ability to cultivate compassion.  This kind of a soul is not of God

If a person's soul has been "brought through" they are not of the "DIVINE".  This means that they are not of God.  If you are not of God, you will not be able to develop, cultivate or progress in spirit on the planet earth as a human being.  They are not naturally happy people.  They are living a completely separate type of existence and reality which is different than those of us who are of God.  They know this.  We may not.  It is important for people who are of God to recognize that this type of phenomenon exists.  Why is that?  These people are not able to comprehend partnership, compassion, honor or virtue.  They truly do not have the capacity within their understanding of reality to cultivate any of these qualities.  They can pretend and imitate.  That is all they can do.  They will not be the type of people that you would want to trust your child with.  They would not be people that you could trust with anything.  They do not care about human life.  They are VERY convincing however!  It is difficult to tell if they are telling the truth or not because they have learned how to pretend to be NORMAL!  They are not normal!

These are the people that will tell you:  "We Do Not Love".  They have also said:  "If we had a conscience, we wouldn't be doing the kind of things that we do".



Wednesday, October 3, 2018


WHAT IF.... we used the King James version of the Christian Holy Bible as a "reference of comparison" rather than a historical document? 

We are now in the year 2018.  What have we learned?  I think it is a good time to contemplate.  There is reason for a retrospective analysis of the past.  Why is that?  Because that is how we learn!

We learn from gathering information from various sources.  This includes memories and gathered information that we have collected from books, seminars, teachers, etc. 

Human consciousness is built from these types of constructs.  We base our foundation of who we are from our familial programming, social and cultural conditioning. 

In the western world Christianity rules our basic foundation of how things have transpired throughout history.  But we have to ask now... what if it isn't true?

What if Jesus Christ never died on the crucifix?  What if Mary Magdalene was the true prophet and spiritual teacher?  It is possible that it was Mary Magdalene who contributed to the teachings that have been attributed to that of Jeshua ben Joseph also known as Jesus Christ.

What good would it do to question any of this? 

What if we learned that the Roman government was involved in the employment of a man named Jesus Christ.  They agreed to arrange for a man to gather the people in the area together and he would speak about spiritual development, brotherhood and unity?  What if Jesus Christ was a huge part of the roman government's agenda to usher in a new method of trade and exchange which involved banking?

How could he be a part of something like that?

There were various groups of people who inhabited the middle east at that time.  Many of them worshipped goddess religions and were pagan.  Many of them were Cannonites. 

There is reason to believe that it wasn't Jesus Christ who died at the cross.  It was someone else who was used in his place.

If there was a way to prove that Jesus Christ was not all that we had thought that he was what would that do to our western world? 

We base so many things on Jesus Christ.  Our holidays revolve around him.

How would we behave if this were true?  Would we feel deceived and betrayed?

The symbol of the brutal murder of a man who hangs from a crucifix is something that has always left me shuttering.  As a child I refused to be a part of the Catholic church.  I refused to go to catechism.  The man who was bleeding on a cross from the rafters was enough to make me say "no way"! 

I have been literally captured by people who have something called "Scio".  It is connected to my brain stem and I cannot get law enforcement to help me.  They claim that they do not understand this technology and have no way of handling anything like this.  I decided to write down everything I could remember from this experience.  I am learning about Nazi mentality and Scientology dialogue.  They are the same.  These are the people who have held me hostage through the use of a wi-fi signal that is connected to my brain stem.  The proof is found on Scio but... you have to have Scio to see the proof.  I do not have this technology.  They have opened up the "audio" of this connection and this is how I am able to hear what is going on and actually speak to the people who are reasonable.  They are not all dangerous people.  The people who are verifying the Scio pages that I have been learning about cannot divulge their identity.  It is very dangerous for them to even try to help me.

The crucifix of Jesus Christ's body bleeding to death is more than a symbol of resurrection.  It is more like an ancient program.  It resonates the energy of imprisonment.  Two of the Nazi elders confirmed that this was true.  They said that yes, that is exactly what it is.  "We" created a symbol that would keep people bound and imprisoned.  The message is this:  "If you try to practice any type of spiritual tradition for the purpose of developing your soul or attaining enlightenment, this is what will happen to you".  The crucifix was a threatening program of intimidation. 

The Nazi mentality originates from the Roman "Trajanic" period.  This was a period when the Romans adopted ancient rituals from people who came from Africa.  It was a tradition which involved taking human souls and the eating of human flesh.  This tradition began long before the Trajanic period.  It is a story that began during the early Sumerian period.  The story of Enlil and Enki hold the secrets of humanity's suffering.

King James of England heralded around 650 AD.  He was famous for the burning of Protestants and heretics of any kind.  His translation of the Bible that we know of today remains the same!  The translation of the bible has been taken from Coptic and Aramaic languages.  As the translation is stepped down it literally loses about 50% of it's original meaning. 

The Being of Human!

Check out my other blog:
"The LAST resort might
have been the FIRST response!"
~ Jazlan Ahn

Can we possibly EVOKE an image, an emotion, or a thought form that will summon our hearts to join together as ONE? 

Does humanity have to WAIT for an APOCALYPSE to happen before we respond to one another in UNITY? 

Is mass destruction the ONLY way to prompt humanity to join together as ONE?

We talk about unity and oneness all of the time.  I have yet to see it happen - or sustain itself (after the workshop or seminar???).

What will it take for humanity to achieve the depth of humility and URGENCY necessary in order for a sense of brotherhood to return?

Do we really need trauma and crisis as a catalyst? 

We have seen it happen over and over again.  A natural disaster occurs; a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, flood, earthquake, etc.  People tend to open their hearts, displaying heroism and good deeds, etc.  This behavior is demonstrated  through a common-ground experience of crisis.  

Do we really need this kind of drama in order for humanity to respond in brotherhood? 

Unfortunately, the behavior of good will towards humanity seems to have a limited - shelf life.  It is typical for all to be forgotten -three months or so after the event.

We are living in a world of convenience but there is trauma all around us.  We may choose not to be aware of it or notice it but it is still there.

There is that thing about --that thing called LOVE.  It is still a very BIG THING. 

Somehow western society is moving away from the compassion that prompted the so called "new age" movement into being.

We are more apt to ignore a crisis and keep walking while sipping out of our Starbuck's coffee cup.

"Complacency is humanity's greatest adversary"
 ~Jazlan Ahn

Our society is becoming numb.  When we lose track of our humanity we will truly be spiritually bankrupt. 

-Lindsey Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn. copyright.2016


 The infinite circuit of life force energy is
intelligent and we may speak to it at any time. 

It is running through us at this very moment. 
 It is an essential ingredient in the formula
of forgiveness.  It is something that must
be included in any practice of forgiveness
or the benefit of forgiveness will be
temporary - at best

The other essential component of this
formula  is the planet EARTH
As human beings we are physically compatible
with the planet earth in many ways. 

We have an organic, planetary partnership. 
The earth is our grounding cord to the infinite
 divine current of all life (aka God/Goddess).  

Our human minds are not given all of the answers.  If we knew all of the answers than we wouldn’t have an opportunity to experience surprise or be amazed, elated, ecstatic or grateful for recognizing the beauty of realizing a new found freedom or truth.  This is how we grow and expand consciousness. 
Forgiveness is more than a
sweet word of faith...
Forgiveness is not a GIFT
that we give to others
It is a gift that we give to ourselves
which allows us to be FREE~

It allows us to be free of
resentment and bondage
which manifests as a result
of being imprisoned by the
illusion of entrapment
As we free ourselves from
resentment we allow the
of the blessing of
to be shared with those who have
willingly or unwillingly,
knowingly or unknowingly
trespassed against us~

Copyright.2012.jazlanahn aka: Lindsey K. Delapoer

When we are children we are innocent.  We do not understand linear language until a certain age.  The English language is a one dimensional language based on linear formulation.  It is one of the few languages on the planet that is flat, single dimensional and void of expansion.  The Chinese language for instance, has multiple meanings and a variety of phonics.  The Hebrew language is another example that has multiple dimensions.  It has it's own numerical aspect and definition to it. 

Language is powerful.  Language is found in our media and is woven throughout the web of human society.  It can distract, distort and cloud human consciousness.  The human mind is malleable.  It can become distorted through repetitive saturation of information and sound.  If it does not have the emotional stability to recognize the difference between what is real and what is an illusion it will not be able to discern the truth.  A mind that has been damaged and then distorted through saturation may not be able to recognize preciousness or behave in a way that responds to reality in a civil and humane way.  Why is this?  A saturated mind cannot see the truth or comprehend reality -as it relates to the preciousness of life.  It lives in its own world which is separate from that which could be defined as PRECIOUS.  

A saturated mind  defaults to a program which it has adopted from familial programming, language, media, and societal conditioning.  It then adheres itself to a simulated reality that will support its need for survival.  This program will fight and even kill in order to support the illusion.  The illusion is nothing more than a belief that has been given full control of the human mind. 

Humanity will have to take full responsibility for the program of separation and distortion as an entire community in order to combat this disease.  It is a disease of the mind.  This is not an isolated problem or incident. When we stay in our comfort zones and do nothing to take a stand for shifting the illusion; we are all held accountable. copyright.2013.jazlanahn/Lindsey k. Delapoer


There are many reasons why ancient spiritual traditions have been known to require years of initiation and practice before allowing students to progress and advance.  There are stages and levels of human transfiguration and purification which are necessary in order to develop a resilient spiritual vessel and grounded energetic foundation.  

Indigenous traditions have a strong sense of responsibility built into the foundation of familial, cultural, and spiritual rites of passage.  

Western society, especially in the United States, has been missing the quality of family based cultural tradition.  There has been an absence of awareness with regard to culture and indigenous tradition in western society.  Cultural tradition is an extension of maternal nurturing.  If it is absent or neglected, there will be a void left behind.

The new age has offered a variety of information regarding sacred traditions and spiritual paths for people who were not born into a direct lineage or indigenous culture. 

There is great responsibility involved when sharing religious, spiritual, or sacred offerings to the public.  If we were selling hot dogs it would be a totally different matter.  We are sharing information from ancient traditions that was sacred to the cultures that we have taken it from.  It often required years of cultivated learning that was achieved through a progressive initiation and lineage of teaching.

There are many paths to higher consciousness.  I have found that the simplest path is my favorite.  It is the path of honoring the earth where we live - and taking responsibility for our shadow. 

There are important reasons to pay attention to our words, deeds, and actions.  The soul is auditing our every step.  It will clarify and illustrate the results of our actions in vivid detail.  It will choose the perfect timing for us to make certain that we are consciously aware of the outcome of our behavior and decisions.  We are the ultimate creators of our own personal justice system.

The new age opened the door to sacred knowledge from various spiritual traditions in a variety of methods and modalities.  Within the last twenty five years, the new age has developed and opened up into a giant commercial industry which has flourished throughout the internet.  This has allowed many people to share their stories and prosper through personal experience, spiritual practice and wisdom.  The new age has been compared to a Pandora's variety box of chance, knowledge, information, corruption, goodness, healing, and trickery - all wrapped up into one package.  The new age has changed a lot of the ways in which sacred teachings are discovered and learned.  
There isn't a magic wand that will instantly transform our lives.  If there were, we wouldn't be learning anything.  There is no quick fix.  Technology has a variety of methods to relieve pain and emotional blockages.  It may be effective with permanent results.  Emotional wounds are not easily removed through the use of technology.  We have to physically interact and consciously participate in order for these to be released.  

The universe must have a very interesting sense of humor. At this point in time I'm inclined to believe that what we assume is the soul's path and journey may very well be a superficial preparation for something that has absolutely nothing to do with what we have been striving for. 

There are people who are using scalar wave technology to affect healing.  This is being done with a "Scio" program -also known as "QXCI".  I have no judgment with this other than the idea that people are pretending to be natural healers.  A natural healer does not need or require technology to be effective.  

There are many respectable alternative healing practitioners who do use Scio technology in their work.  They are not hiding the fact that they are utilizing technology.  It is a supplement to their professional repertoire of healing tools and skills.  

It all leads back to a foundation of self.  That's a good plan anyway.  The foundation of self is a quiet place.  There are no images,  categories, languages, technologies or special identities to attach to.

It is a place where we find ourselves no longer in need of any of the information or training that we invested years of our time and energy learning and/or practicing~

copyright.2011.JazlanAhn/Lindsey K. Delapoer


So... WHY do the ANGELS
want to wear my "RED SHOES" ???

Because the being of human is a
deliciously tempting experience...

Why a "CHURCH"?
A church is a structure where we
congregate in community with
a common intention based on
spiritual or personal development.

The "Being of Human"
is about being here in
partnership with the
planet earth.

Christian Myth & the Great Denial ~

What is the difference between myth and reality? 
 Is it all just a relative type of a concept?

The King James version of the Holy Bible is the only version that most people are aware of.  There were others that came along before the King James version was published.  They were manuscripts that were gathered from dead sea scrolls and writings that were taken from the apostles by various scribes.

Western society has based it's understanding of reality on what we have learned or heard about from the King James version of the holy bible.  What if the information that is in the holy bible wasn't accurate or true?  Are we that easily lead as a society that we would just follow a doctrine - even if it were not our religion and believe that history was created from the information that was written within it?

Most of western society has believed in the story of Jesus Christ and adhered to this version of how our world has evolved since his birth.  What if it were NOT true?  What if it is just a myth?

Let's take a look at the other side of the mirror!  If the story of Jesus Christ was actually a myth and the bible is inaccurate that what would we do? 

The way of society in the past is to just blow things off and decide that we have been screwed over again and walk away.  This might happen now since we have become a little more paralyzed in our way of thinking.  Contemplative thought is waning and the reactive mind of reptilian conditioning has been settling in.  It might cause a bit of an uprising but people are a little weary of the stereotypical Christian mind set, it might not have an effect at all.

What if we found out that there was a master plan that was devised by beings who were adept at prophetic strategy?  They did exist then and they are still here now.  We will refer to them as the "Illuminati" for now.  The Illuminati could foresee what would happen if they planned ahead and carefully organized a story that humanity would follow and adhere to.  The story would become a part of humanity's reality.  It would affect everything that we do.  We would count our days, hours and minutes utilizing the very essence of it's structure.  It did happen and we have been adhering to it.  Christian holidays replaced pagan celebrations and we moved away from the old ways of trade and exchange a long, long time ago.  This is where we began to forget about the truth and decided that it was too painful of a memory to remember.  Let's just move on...

In the 1960's we lived in a world where the "establishment" also known as the "Illuminati" was constantly being questioned.  We don't seem to do that anymore.  Everything just seems to get swept under the rug.  There is mind control and it is being used by a very large organization that uses myth as a weapon against human consciousness.  Their organization was founded by the descendants of a specific bloodline.  These people can trace their bloodlines all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ and beyond. 

There is a very important reason to be aware of these people. They have been controlling our way of thinking and we have been easily mislead. 

If you have a Scio program which is connected to the internet you can look up the following Scio page titles for proof of these claims:

"Forget Philosophy"
"Forget Reading"
"Forget Education"
"Forget Dogs"
"Forget Angels"
"Forget Music"
"Forget Dancing"
"Forget Love"
"Forget Woodstock"
"Forget Vietnam"
"Forget Rock & Roll"
"Forget the Constitution"
"Forget Three Mile Island"
"Forget 911"
"Forget the Space Shuttle "Challenger"
"Forget Hurricane Katrina"
"Forget the Aids Virus"
"Forget Lindsey Delapoer"

These are only just a few of the "mass seeding" type of mind control programs that have been used on society.

The "Illuminati" is real.  It is made up of a large group of people which include organized crime, the Mormon Church, The Roman Catholic Church, Scientology, CIA, descendants of WWII war criminals, the Italian, Greek and Albanian mob, and general misfits of society.  They are people who have been related to the entertainment industry and political arenas.  These people ALL share a common bloodline.  They may be have Asian, Greek, Italian, African, Saudi Arabian descent but they are also made up of other Caucasian bloodlines. 

There is a race if people who intermingled with many other cultures and transmitted the same bloodline into their race.  This is the bloodline of the "Annunaki".  They are everywhere.  They are involved in royal government, music, film, publications, news media, sports and political arena.  If you are not of that bloodline.... you will never be able to have a successful career in any of these fields or related industries.

The "Annunaki" carried a demonic soul contract.  They continue to carry this soul contract through every generation of their progeny.  The demonic soul contract allows for a specific type of demon to work through their physical vessel.  These people proliferated throughout Africa, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Asia, Mongolia, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, South America, Honduras, Cuba and North America.  They are expert purveyors of the golden opportunity - where ever and in any matter that it exists.